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Release GPGME 1.18.0
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Noteworthy changes in version 1.18.0 (2022-08-10)

  • New keylist mode to force refresh via external methods. [T5951]
  • The keylist operations now create an import result to report the result of the locate keylist modes. [T5951]
  • core: Return BAD_PASSPHRASE error code on symmetric decryption failure. [T5939]
  • cpp, qt: Do not export internal symbols anymore. [T5906]
  • cpp, qt: Support revocation of own OpenPGP keys. [T5904]
  • qt: The file name of (signed and) encrypted data can now be set. [T6056]
  • cpp, qt: Support setting the primary user ID. [T5938]
  • python: Fix segv(NULL) when inspecting contect after exeception. [T6060]
  • Interface changes relative to the 1.17.1 release:
cpp: RevocationReason                      NEW.
cpp: GpgRevokeKeyEditInteractor            NEW.
cpp: Result::setError                      NEW.
cpp: KeyListMode::ForceExtern              NEW.
cpp: KeyListMode::LocateExternal           NEW.
cpp: KeyListMode::KeyListModeMask          NEW.
cpp: ImportResult::mergeWith               NEW.
cpp: KeyListModeSaver                      NEW.
cpp: Context::setPrimaryUid                NEW.
cpp: Context::startSetPrimaryUid           NEW.
qt: RevokeKeyJob                           NEW.
qt: Protocol::revokeKeyJob                 NEW.
qt: EncryptJob::setFileName                NEW.
qt: EncryptJob::fileName                   NEW.
qt: SignEncryptJob::setFileName            NEW.
qt: SignEncryptJob::fileName               NEW.
qt: SetPrimaryUserIDJob                    NEW.
qt: Protocol::setPrimaryUserIDJob          NEW.

[c=C38/A27/R0 cpp=C21/A15/R0 qt=C16/A1/R0]

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