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Release GPGME 1.21.0
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Noteworthy changes in version 1.21.0 (2023-07-07)

  • Extended gpgme_op_encrypt, gpgme_op_encrypt_sign, and gpgme_op_sign to allow writing the output directly to a file. [T6530]
  • Extended gpgme_op_decrypt and gpgme_op_verify to allow reading the input data directly from files. [T6530]
  • For key signing and uid revoking allow an empty user id. [rMfbc3963d62]
  • Pass an input-size-hint also to the gpgsm engine. [T6534]
  • qt: Allow writing the created archives directly to a file. [T6530]
  • qt: Allow reading the signed/encrypted archive to decrypt or verify directly from a file. [T6530]
  • qt: Qt Jobs working with QIODeviceDataProvider now properly handle input-size hints and progress for files larger. 2^32 bytes in 32 bit builds. [T6534]
  • cpp: Error::isCanceled now also returns true for error code GPG_ERR_FULLY_CANCELED. [T6510]
  • python: Fix wrong use of write. [T6501]

Interface changes relative to the 1.20.0 release:

cpp: Data::setFlag                         NEW.
cpp: Data::setSizeHint                     NEW.
qt: Job::startIt                           NEW.
qt: DecryptVerifyArchiveJob::setInputFile  NEW.
qt: DecryptVerifyArchiveJob::inputFile     NEW.
qt: EncryptArchiveJob::setRecipients       NEW.
qt: EncryptArchiveJob::recipients          NEW.
qt: EncryptArchiveJob::setInputPaths       NEW.
qt: EncryptArchiveJob::inputPaths          NEW.
qt: EncryptArchiveJob::setOutputFile       NEW.
qt: EncryptArchiveJob::outputFile          NEW.
qt: EncryptArchiveJob::setEncryptionFlags  NEW.
qt: EncryptArchiveJob::encryptionFlags     NEW.
qt: SignArchiveJob::setSigners             NEW.
qt: SignArchiveJob::signers                NEW.
qt: SignArchiveJob::setInputPaths          NEW.
qt: SignArchiveJob::inputPaths             NEW.
qt: SignArchiveJob::setOutputFile          NEW.
qt: SignArchiveJob::outputFile             NEW.
qt: SignEncryptArchiveJob::setSigners      NEW.
qt: SignEncryptArchiveJob::signers         NEW.
qt: SignEncryptArchiveJob::setRecipients   NEW.
qt: SignEncryptArchiveJob::recipients      NEW.
qt: SignEncryptArchiveJob::setInputPaths   NEW.
qt: SignEncryptArchiveJob::inputPaths      NEW.
qt: SignEncryptArchiveJob::setOutputFile   NEW.
qt: SignEncryptArchiveJob::outputFile      NEW.
qt: SignEncryptArchiveJob::setEncryptionFlags NEW.
qt: SignEncryptArchiveJob::encryptionFlags NEW.

[c=C41/A30/R0 cpp=C24/A18/R0 qt=C18/A3/R0]

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