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gpg's progress_filter needs to use uint64_t
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To let the progress indicator work properly on Windows the progress filter of gpg needs to use 64 bit types and not just unsigned long. As we all known Windows uses 32 bit for long even on64 bit windows.

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We also need PROGRESS lines in gpgsm.

And of course we also need to adjust GPGME

I tested this with OpenPGP and 2.4.3-beta19 on Windows. Worked nicely.

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Was already with gpgme 1.21.0. Note that I used the done column but in future a milestone would be more useful than that catch all "done".

Still in testing mode because we need to test with gnupg 2.2.

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Tested in VS-Desktop- by encrypting a large file with Kleopatra. The progress bar shows percentage finished, progress looks all right

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