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Release GnuPG 2.4.3
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Noteworthy changes in version 2.4.3 (2023-07-04)

  • gpg: Set default expiration date to 3 years. [T2701]
  • gpg: Add --list-filter properties "key_expires" and "key_expires_d". [T6529]
  • gpg: Emit status line and proper diagnostics for write errors. [T6528]
  • gpg: Make progress work for large files on Windows. [T6534]
  • gpg: New option --no-compress as alias for -z0.
  • gpgsm: Print PROGRESS status lines. Add new --input-size-hint. [T6534]
  • gpgsm: Support SENDCERT_SKI for --call-dirmngr. [rG701a8b30f0]
  • gpgsm: Major rewrite of the PKCS#12 parser. [T6536]
  • gpgtar: New option --no-compress.
  • dirmngr: Extend the AD_QUERY command. [rG207c99567c]
  • dirmngr: Disable the HTTP redirect rewriting. [T6477]
  • dirmngr: New option --compatibility-flags. [rGbf04b07327]
  • dirmngr: New option --ignore-crl-extensions. [T6545]
  • wkd: Use export-clean for gpg-wks-client's --mirror and --create commands. [rG2c7f7a5a27]
  • wkd: Make --add-revocs the default in gpg-wks-client. New option --no-add-revocs. [rG10c937ee68]
  • scd: Make signing work for Nexus cards. [rGb83d86b988]
  • scd: Fix authentication with Administration Key for PIV. [rG25b59cf6ce]

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