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Release GnuPG 2.2.42
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Noteworthy changes in version 2.2.42 (2023-11-28)

  • gpg: Set default expiration date to 3 years. [T2701]
  • gpg: Support OCB encryption. [T6263]
  • gpg: New command --quick-update-pref. [rGf16c946be7]
  • gpg: New list-options show-pref and show-pref-verbose. [rGb6ba7054a0]
  • gpg: Add modes 16 and 30 to --gen-random.
  • gpg: Emit status line and proper diagnostics for write errors. [T6528]
  • gpg: Make progress work for large files on Windows. [T6534]
  • gpg: New option --no-compress as alias for -z0.
  • gpg: Detect already compressed data also when using a pipe. Also detect JPEG and PNG file formats. [T6332]
  • gpg: New option --add-desig-revoker. [rG6c9db01101]
  • gpg: Fix subkey re-import if a stub key still exists. [T3456]
  • gpg: Allow to specify seconds since Epoch beyond 2038 on 32-bit platforms. [T6736]
  • gpg: Fix the "keytocard" command for moving ECC keys with non-standard ECDH parameters to OpenPGP cards. [rG92af3f88a9]
  • gpgsm: Support ECC certificates. [T6253, T6802]
  • gpgsm: Print PROGRESS status lines. Add new --input-size-hint. [T6534]
  • gpgsm: Also announce AES256-CBC in signatures. [rGaa397fdcdb21]
  • gpgsm: Major rewrite of the PKCS#12 parser. [T6536]
  • gpgsm: Non-armored detached signature are now created without using indefinite form length octets. This improves compatibility with some PDF signature verification software. [rG3d3b941ce9]
  • gpgsm: Verification of detached signatures does now strip trailing zeroes from the input if --assume-binary is used. [rG6bdf11f671]
  • gpgsm: No not show the pkcs#12 passphrase in debug output. [T6654]
  • agent: Update the key stubs only if really modified. [T6829]
  • dirmngr: New option --ignore-crl-extensions. [T6545]
  • dirmngr: Backport of the AD_QUERY command. [rG2a3bad5985]
  • dirmngr: Support config value "none" to disable the default keyserver. [T6708]
  • dirmngr: Implement automatic proxy detection on Windows. [T5768]
  • dirmngr: Fix handling of the HTTP Content-Length. [rG9f1c11cd3f]
  • dirmngr: Add code to support proxy authentication using the Negotiation method on Windows. [T6719]
  • wkd: Use export-clean for gpg-wks-client's --mirror and --create commands. [rG505e770b4c]
  • wkd: Make --add-revocs the default in gpg-wks-client. New option --no-add-revocs. [rG67d57fae3f]
  • Fix garbled time output in non-English Windows. [T6741]
  • Ignore attempts to remove the /dev/null device. [T6556]
  • Improve advisory file lock retry strategy. [rG45a1ab5017]

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rGaa397fdcdb21: gpgsm: Also announce AES256-CBC in signatures.
rGb6ba7054a04a: gpg: New list-options show-pref and show-pref-verbose.
rGf16c946be7ea: gpg: New option --quick-update-pref.
rG505e770b4c53: wks: Use export-clean for --mirror and --create.
rG67d57fae3f75: wks: Make --add-revocs the default.
rG2a3bad598548: dirmngr: New command AD_QUERY.
rG6bdf11f67150: gpgsm: Strip trailing zeroes from detached signatures.
rG3d3b941ce9fd: gpgsm: Create binary detached sigs with definite form length octets.
rG6c9db0110121: gpg: New option --add-desig-revoker
rG9f1c11cd3f45: dirmngr: Fix handling of the HTTP Content-Length
rG45a1ab501787: common: Improve lock strategy for dotlock.
rG92af3f88a9df: gpg: Pass ECDH parameters to OpenPGP smartcards
T2701: Do not let users create keys without an expiration date
T3456: GPG does not import secret subkeys from --export-secret-subkeys output if subkey stubs existed before
T5768: Dirmngr: Use windows proxy settings if system proxy settings should be used
T6253: GpgSM: Backport ECC support to 2.2
T6263: Allow OCB encryption in 2.2
T6332: GPG: Extend / rework "is_file_compressed"
T6528: gpg: No error status when encrypting to full disk
T6534: gpg's progress_filter needs to use uint64_t
T6536: Extend P12 parser for ShroudedKeyBag inside a CertBag
T6545: Support CRL extension issuingDistributionPoint
T6556: gpgtar: Removes existing output file on error
T6654: gpgsm: p12 passphrase visible in debug output
T6708: Allow to inhibit the use of a default PGP keyserver
T6719: Support Proxy-Authorization: Negotiate on Windows
T6736: Year 2038 issue for key validity date
T6741: gpg 2.3+ may display garbled characters for date and time in non-English Windows
T6802: Trying to sign with a brainpool X509 key results in non-compliance error
T6829: Kleopatra: Loop reading keys from smartcard
T6849: Release GnuPG 2.2.43
T6280: Release GnuPG 2.2.41

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