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Release GnuPG 2.2.41
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Noteworthy changes in version 2.2.41 (unreleased)

  • gpg: Add a notation to encryption subkeys in de-vs mode. [T6279]
  • gpg: Fix trusted introducer for mbox only user-ids. [T6238]
  • gpg: Report an error via status-fd for receiving a key from the agent. [T5151]
  • gpg: Make --require-compliance work without the --status-fd option. [rG11f3232716]
  • gpg: Improve signature verification speed by a factor of more than four. Double detached signing speed. [T5826]
  • gpg: New --export-filter export-revocs. [rGedbe30c152]
  • gpg: Import stray revocation certificates to improve WKD usability. [rGbd825ead36af]
  • wkd: New option --add-revocs for gpg-wks-client. [rG2f4492f3be]
  • wkd: Ignore expired user-ids in gpg-wks-client. [T6292]
  • scd: Support the Telesec Signature Card v2.0. [T6252]
  • Fix build regression depending on libgpg-error version. [T6244]

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