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Improve detached signing and verification speed
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g10/plaintext.c:do_hash() and g10/sign.c:sign_file() use iobuf_get for process data byte-by-byte. This causes significant processing overhead.

Use of iobuf_read here increases signing speed by 2.0x and verify speed by 4.9x (Ryzen 5800X, SHA256, 4.3GiB file).

Patches used for testing:

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Patches look good for me.
Please go ahead.

Minor nitpicking: I'd prefer use of 32768 for both (now, [PATCH 1/2] uses 32768, while [PATCH 2/2] uses 1<<30)

I used "1<<30" by example of existing code in g10/free-packet.c, which is another place where iobuf_read is reading to NULL.

@werner Could these two patches could be backported to 2.2? These changes give same level of performance increase in 2.2 as seen in 2.3.

Any comments on applying these to gnupg-2.2?

Yes, I'll do that. Thanks for the reminder.

Done (STABLE-BRANCH-2-2.40 for now)