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Dirmngr: Use windows proxy settings if system proxy settings should be used
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GnuPG VS-Desktop regularly runs in environments with proxy settings. To avoid having everyone configuring proxy settings to get WKD working for OpenPGP and CRL checks for S/MIME we should really use windows api to figure out proxy settings. Currently the setting only checks the environment variable http-proxy which is usually not set on windows.

We talked about this in the past but I think we did not yet have an issue for that.

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For Windows things are actually more complicate. It seems to be common practise of sysadmins to provide PAC files which are used to map URLs to proxys and to decide whether a proxy is to be used at all. Fortunately Windows provides an API to find the proxy for a specific URL. We should use this.

Task here is to repurpose --honor-http-proxy to use the dynamic thing iff http_proxy is not set.

A second and equal important task is to implement the Negotiate authorization method so that per-user settings can be used. See the sub-task.

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