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Release libgpg-error 1.48
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Noteworthy changes in version 1.48 (2024-02-23)

  • New configure option --with-libtool-modification. [T6619]
  • New option parser flag to detect commands given without a double dash. There is also the new meta command "command-mode" to set this flag via a config file. [T6978]
  • Added an es_fopen mode flag "sequential" with support on Windows. [rE7a42ff0ec9]
  • Added an es_fopen mode flag "wipe" to cleanup internal buffers at close time. [T6954]
  • New function gpgrt_wipememory. [T6954]
  • Improvements to setenv on Windows. [rE89e53ad90f]
  • Fixed call to estream-printf string filters. [T6737]
  • Many improvements to the yat2m tool.
  • Updates to the build system.

Interface changes relative to the 1.47 release:

gpgrt_wipememory               NEW.

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