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Release GnuPG 2.4.1
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Noteworthy changes in version 2.4.1 (2023-04-28)

  • If the ~/.gnupg directory does not exist, the keyboxd is now automagically enabled. [rGd9e7488b17]
  • gpg: New option --add-desig-revoker. [rG3d094e2bcf]
  • gpg: New option --assert-signer. [rGc9e95b8dee]
  • gpg: New command --quick-add-adsk and other ADSK features. [T6395,]
  • gpg: New list-option "show-unusable-sigs". Also show "[self-signature]" instead of the user-id in key signature listings. [rG103acfe9ca]
  • gpg: For symmetric encryption the default S2K hash is now SHA256. [T6367]
  • gpg: Detect already compressed data also when using a pipe. Also detect JPEG and PNG file formats. [T6332]
  • gpg: New subcommand "openpgp" for --card-edit. [T6462]
  • gpgsm: Verification of detached signatures does now strip trailing zeroes from the input if --assume-binary is used. [rG2a13f7f9dc]
  • gpgsm: Non-armored detached signature are now created without using indefinite form length octets. This improves compatibility with some PDF signature verification software. [rG8996b0b655]
  • gpgtar: Emit progress status lines in create mode. [T6363]
  • dirmngr: The LDAP modifyTimestamp is now returned by some keyserver commands. [rG56d309133f]
  • ssh: Allow specification of the order keys are presented to ssh. See the man page entry for --enable-ssh-support. [T5996, T6212]
  • gpg: Make list-options "show-sig-subpackets" work again. Fixes regression in 2.4.0. [rG5a223303d7]
  • gpg: Fix the keytocard command for Yubikeys. [T6378]
  • gpg: Do not continue an export after a cancel for the primary key. [T6093]
  • gpg: Replace the --override-compliance-check hack by a real fix. [T5655]
  • gpgtar: Fix decryption with input taken from stdin. [T6355]

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