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GpgOL: set MIME Encoding hint for mime encrypted data.
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Should probably be done soon so that we have such messages in the wild. This will have the advantage that even if the user safes an openpgp_encrypted_message.asc attachment under "Re: Project xy plans - encrypted.asc" that GnuPG can tell from the outside before decrypting that the data might contain a MIME Structure.

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This does not seem to work as I understood it. Just naively adding a setEncoding(GPGME::MimeEncoding) on the output GPGME Data object resulted in an empty file. So this needs a bit more analysis.

I also thought that it might be useful to set the subject as filename (not the mime filename but the encrypted PGP filename)

Adding the patch for the record here I want to get the release out first before looking at this again.