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Gpg4win: Add mail type file extensions to supported extensions
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To make the mimetreeparser in Kleopatra more useful for exported files, e.g. downloaded mails from the outlook web interface we need to link them to Kleopatra. So the according registry entries must be set. Currently I am planning to add ".mbox" ".eml" (which is what outlook web uses) and ".mim" and ".mime" which i have not seen in the wild but which I am planning to use now for the internal mime structure in GpgOL.

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src/inst-kleopatra.msi: Add MIME class and connect it with .eml, .mbox, .mim and .mime on first open of an eml file you will be asked if you want to continue to open it with outlook or use Kleopatra for it. The other extensions were free on a usual windows.