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GPGSM: Add support for cert extension Inhibit anyPolicy
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Specified in in [RFC 5280]:  Inhibit anyPolicy

   The inhibit anyPolicy extension can be used in certificates issued to
   CAs.  The inhibit anyPolicy extension indicates that the special
   anyPolicy OID, with the value { 2 5 29 32 0 }, is not considered an
   explicit match for other certificate policies except when it appears
   in an intermediate self-issued CA certificate.  The value indicates
   the number of additional non-self-issued certificates that may appear
   in the path before anyPolicy is no longer permitted.  For example, a
   value of one indicates that anyPolicy may be processed in
   certificates issued by the subject of this certificate, but not in
   additional certificates in the path.

   Conforming CAs MUST mark this extension as critical.

   id-ce-inhibitAnyPolicy OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::=  { id-ce 54 }

   InhibitAnyPolicy ::= SkipCerts

   SkipCerts ::= INTEGER (0..MAX)