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Improve Speedo for Linux to set DT_RUNPATH.
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This will allow us to easier install several gpg versions on Linux and other ELF systems and using the right libraries. GnuPG already knows where to find it's binaries (with the help of gpgconf.ctl) but shared objects files are more problematic.

FWIW, Speedo is our automatic build system: make -f build-aux/

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Now you can untar and run

cd gnupg-2.4.4
make -f build-aux/ native
sudo  make -f build-aux/ install SYSROOT=/usr/local

which installs gnupg 2.4.4 to /usr/local and can be instaltly be used with all libraries. For testing it is often useful to
use a different target directory and add its bin subdir then to the PATH.

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@alexk and me tested this. The core functionality works.