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Enhancement: Way to choose or remember the Sign and Encrypt options at Sign and Encrypt Files -window
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Please do add a way to choose which signing and encryption settings are on by default when the Sign / Encrypt Files -window is opened. Other way would be to remember the last settings. Now "Sign as", "Encrypt for me" and "Encrypt for others" are always chosen by default.



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You mean if you right click on a file and select sign & encrypt or if you choose the action from Kleopatra?

For Kleopatra we could maybe remember the last selected settings and reuse them when opening a new Window, I am not sure yet. We really want users to sign & encrypt and not only encrypt.

For the explorer integration (Right click menu) you can chose the default action in the registry:


    The default command available on right-click of unencrypted files or folders. The value must be a string value (REG_SZ) with the Number. [since] Valid values are:

        0: Help
        1: Decrypt & Verify
        2: Decrypt
        3: Verify
        4: Sign & Encrypt
        5: Encrypt
        6: Sign
        7: Import
        8: Create Checksums
        9: Verify Checksums
        11: About

Hi, it would be great to make Kleopatra remember the last used settings.

Thanks for registry instructions, it takes us one step closer to what we want (by default), if we choose 5: Encrypt. We still would like to uncheck "Encrypt for me" by default.

Making Kleopatra to remember the chosen values would be sufficient solution as it would give the user the flexibility to manage the desired settings and change them easily.


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This sounds a bit more like you would maybe better suited with a batch script or command line usage anyway if you always want to encrypt in the same way you don't really need a fancy GUI for that.