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Received emails not readable in other clients
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As soon as an encrypted or signed email is opened in Outlook 365 64 bit (Version 2307 Build 16.0.16626.20170), using a 365 mailbox, the same email becomes unreadable in other clients (Thunderbird/K9 Mail), email is blank with the following attachment "GpgOL_MIME_structure.txt".
Sent emails opened in Outlook, become unreadable when opened from the sent folder in Thunderbird.
If the "alternative solutions" in the debug section of GpgOL are enabled the issue is solved (but only for the inbox, not for the sent emails).

We need a solution since there is no GPG plugin for other clients (there is no issue if we exclude Outlook and GpgOL from the equation, but we need Outlook to work correctly).
GPG4Win version: 4.2.0
GpgOL version: 2.5.8

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For sent mails folder there is no solution. The problem is that if the mail never leaves the exchange server it is not converted to a standard compliant PGP/MIME but left in Microsofts internal MAPI format where it looks like this. I think thunderbird has support to fixup a message if the mimetype of the first attachment application/pgp-encrypted. Which reminds me that we need to change the filename of our internal attachment, too to use .mim as an extension. Then you will at least also be able to open such messages on other clients with Kleopatra directly to view the contents of the mail. And a side effect of this might be that Enigmail might then be able to open the mails. If not we would need to talk to enigmail how to solve this.