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Kleo shows 3 certs in a chain while there are only two
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If you list a certificate which is a direct descendant of the root certificate the certificate view in kleopatra shows:

-> root
    -> root
         -> cert

thus the root is inserted in the view twice. I added a test option to gpgme's run-keylist which uses the correct algorithm starting at cert:

/* List the certificate and save the chain_id. */

if (chain_id && *chain_id
    && (!last_chain_id || strcmp (last_chain_id, chain_id)))
    if (++with_chain > 30)
        fprintf (stderr, PGM ": certificate chain too long - circle?\n");
        exit (1);

    free (last_chain_id);
    last_chain_id = xstrdup (chain_id);
    err = gpgme_op_keylist_start (ctx, chain_id, 0);
    fail_if_err (err);
    goto next_cert;

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Which certificate list? The list in the main view? Or the certificate list of a smart card?

In the certificate list in the main view I see "Berta Boss" and "Edward.Tester" immediately below "g10 Code TEST CA 2019".

Wait in the Trust Chain Details the root is listed twice. Did you mean this certificate list?

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