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gpgv: missing entry in "FILES" section in gpgv.texi
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The texinfo file doc/gpgv.texi describes how, with default options, the keybox "trustedkeys.kbx" is used or "trustedkeys.gpg" of the former is not found.
See paragraph in lines 62 to 69 in file doc/gpgv.texi.

However, the subsection "FILES" towards the end of this texinto file
a) does only list "trustedkeys.gpg" and not "trustedkeys.kbx";
b) does not list the preferred choice of file, but only the fall-back file.

I would suggest, that the FILES section does

  1. list both filenames.
  2. makes use of "${GNUPGHOME}" instead of "~/.gnupg" in order to be precise. However, this might be detrimental for readability and retained as "~/.gnupg".

A previous bug/improvement in the same area was:

Revisions and Commits

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I have prepared a first patch:

It should be apply-able with git apply to the origin/master branch. (I think i have no possibility to create some pull-request directly here)

As i am not accustomed to submitting patches to gpg/gpgv, please let me know of any problems with the patch or the issue an i'll do what i can to alleviate them.

werner triaged this task as Normal priority.Nov 12 2023, 1:21 PM
werner edited projects, added Documentation, gnupg; removed Bug Report.

To align the documentation of GnuPG, we should not use GNUPGHOME in FILES section.
It may be controlled by --homedir as well as GNUPGHOME.
GNUPGHOME is addressed in the ENVIRONMENT section, so, I don't think it makes sense using $GNUPGHOME}/trustedkeys.kbx.

And our yat2man does not support your style change of @itemize @bullet. I'll fix this, too.

gniibe changed the task status from Open to Testing.Nov 16 2023, 5:32 AM