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GpgOL: Keyresolver size default too small
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A user which is very important for us had as the biggest complaint about GpgOL that the keyresolver window starts scrolling as soon as you have more then two recipients. Three is apparently the usual in their house for mails 🙄

While I think that is kind of unproblematic, I took a look at the code and the old resolver should take up 7/8th of the window size and the newkeyapprovaldialog half the monitor and that does not happen so I think this a bug:

I added debug output in the resize place:

    const auto size = sizeHint();
    const auto desk = screen()->size();
    qCDebug(LIBKLEO_LOG) << "SizeHint: " << size << "Desk size" << desk;
16:26:24.055 org.kde.pim.libkleo: Kleo::NewKeyApprovalDialog::NewKeyApprovalDialog SizeHint:  QSize(442, 516) Desk size QSize(2560, 1440)

So the scroll areas are not properly calculated into the sizehint I think.

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aheinecke created this task.

I am temped to put the VSD-3.2 flag on it and raise prio to high because of strategic reasons... So if someone has a cheap fix for this. Please go for it.

aheinecke changed the task status from Open to Testing.Nov 25 2023, 5:12 PM

Looks good now

Max size

Although this does not look like half the screen, I had some testing code in there that used 2/3 of the screen. Maybe that was accidentally in my test build, I have to recheck with the clean build I am running right now.

Works nicely for me in beta300

ebo edited projects, added vsd32 (vsd-3.2.0); removed vsd32.