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Kleopatra: Show S/MIME certs for PKCS#15 cards in smart card view
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On some PKCS#15 cards the S/MIME certs are not shown in the smart card view, only in the certificate view. This should be changed.

(There is also no load button as is the case for the TCOS NetKey-v15 test card (Signature Card V2.0), see T6830. But that one will get deprecated when T6846 is implemented)



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@ebo if tasks have a parent please directly assign them the same priority.

Our current PKCS#15 widget is optimized for RSCS cards.

And the NKS widget is optimized for the Telesec cards where we can do a little more like changing PINs and so on. We should try to unify here. I think maybe the keylist from the NKS widget might work for all cards, and also show PGP Certificates which match to the keygrips on the card. And then show actions like changing PIN / Setting null pins etc. depending on how much we can do with a card.

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