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GpgOL is reported as slowing down the start of Outlook
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I have installed GpgOL as part of Gpg4win.
Outlook reports that the GpgOL-AddIn is causing a significant delay in the Outlook start process and is only not automatically deactivated because it is included in the list of Add-Ins that should be loaded always even if loading may slow down Outlook.
Outlook seems to be a little bit jerky now



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aheinecke added a project: vsd32.

I think outlook shows any native addin there. As you can see by the empty bar we don't really do anything in there to slow it down. But let me check if I can move the extremely little code we have in there somewhere else.

The priority and workboard are for different reasons known to @werner and me.

I don't really know how to test this though since it tracks this over time and history. Let us see if my change fixes this, It may be that outlook does not measure the DLLMain (which I am pretty sure it does) but the actual COM initialization, in which case my change did nothing. But I don't see any way in which my change could make things worse.

aheinecke claimed this task.

I am closing this as resolved for now. I would need a completely new client or mess with the registry keys in which outlook stores the performance data to test this. But I would bet it still lists us as responsible for the slow start of outlook. But the time it will then show should now be 0ms since we absolutely do nothing anymore in our DLLMain.

ebo edited projects, added vsd32 (vsd-3.2.0); removed vsd32.