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Kleopatra: write error when decrypting to network drive
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We got feedback from 2 customers that when decrypting a file or archive to a network drive they get the message that it could not be written to the folder, they should choose another one.

Encryption works fine, Decryption on cli to that folder works, too.

Might be related to the fix for


VSD 3.2.0

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Another hint: When they checked "write temporary files in the folder of the encrypted file" they got a message window from gpgex "Error returned by the GnuPG user interface: Input/output error".

Filesystem is NTFS, they use only NTFS permissions, share is SMB drive on a Synology NAS and encrypted by the NAS.

In a first commit, I have switched back to the simple check done by QFileInfo::isWritable() (see

In a second commit, a temporary file is created in the output folder to check if it is writable.

I recommend to backport only the first commit to VSD 3.2 (which restores the behavior of the previous VSD version).

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Works in VS-Desktop-

ebo edited projects, added vsd32 (vsd-3.2.0); removed vsd32.

moved to milestone 3.2.0, as 3.2.1 does not exist as column...

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