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Release GnuPG 2.4.5
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Noteworthy changes in version 2.4.5 (2024-03-07)

  • gpg,gpgv: New option --assert-pubkey-algo. [T6946]
  • gpg: Emit status lines for errors in the compression layer. [T6977]
  • gpg: Fix invocation with --trusted-keys and --no-options. [T7025]
  • gpgsm: Allow for a longer salt in PKCS#12 files. [T6757]
  • gpgtar: Make --status-fd=2 work on Windows. [T6961]
  • scd: Support for the ACR-122U NFC reader. [rG1682ca9f01]
  • scd: Suport D-TRUST ECC cards. [T7000,T7001]
  • scd: Allow auto detaching of kernel drivers; can be disabled with the new compatibility-flag ccid-no-auto-detach. [rGa1ea3b13e0]
  • scd: Allow setting a PIN length of 6 also with a reset code for openpgp cards. [T6843]
  • agent: Allow GET_PASSPHRASE in restricted mode. [rGadf4db6e20]
  • dirmngr: Trust system's root CAs for checking CRL issuers. [T6963]
  • dirmngr: Fix regression in 2.4.4 in fetching keys via hkps. [T6997]
  • gpg-wks-client: Make option --mirror work properly w/o specifying domains. [rG37cc255e49]
  • g13,gpg-wks-client: Allow command style options as in "g13 mount foo". [rGa09157ccb2]
  • Allow tilde expansion for the foo-program options. [T7017]
  • Make the tool usable outside the GnuPG tree.

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