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Kleopatra: Saving/restoring column layout in certificate lookup doesn't work
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How to reproduce:

  • Open "Lookup on Server"

Observation: All columns in the (empty) list view have the same (default) width. Okay on first opening.

  • Search for "foo". You should get some results.
  • Enable the Origin column (or some other column).

Observation: The columns are adjusted to the content. I think that's okay.

  • Close dialog. Then open it again.

Observation: All columns have the same width. Could be considered okay or not.

Alternatively to saving/restoring the column layout it would be okay for me if the columns are adjusted to the content after setting the result. Maybe that's even better than restoring a fixed column layout because the needed column widths depend on the results.

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aheinecke added a subscriber: aheinecke.

I agree with the column save /restore but i disagree with adjust to contents since this can create a "jumpy" layout e.g. with long comments and the user might be annoyed if she changed thr layout and it is then automatically changed again

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