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Fix static reports by static analyser in libgcrypt
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The static analyser found few minor issues in libgcrypt. I opened a MR last week but sharing also here.

The analysis was executed on 1.10.3


master, 1.10.3

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Can you give a hint where there is a buffer overrun in the first patch? Padding limit might be correct but I can't see an overrun.

The report went like this

Error: OVERRUN (CWE-119):
libgcrypt-1.10.3/cipher/cipher-aeswrap.c:303: cond_at_most: Checking "plen > 8U" implies that "plen" may be up to 8 on the false branch.
libgcrypt-1.10.3/cipher/cipher-aeswrap.c:305: cond_between: Checking "plen" implies that "plen" is between 1 and 8 (inclusive) on the true branch.
libgcrypt-1.10.3/cipher/cipher-aeswrap.c:309: assignment: Assigning: "i" = "0".
libgcrypt-1.10.3/cipher/cipher-aeswrap.c:310: overrun-local: Overrunning array "t" of 16 bytes at byte offset 16 using index "8U + plen + i" (which evaluates to 16).
#  308|   
#  309|                 for (i = 0; i < 16 - (8+plen); i++)
#  310|->                 if (t[8+plen+i])
#  311|                     {
#  312|                       err = GPG_ERR_CHECKSUM;

but looking again, it is wrong as it did not reflect the end condition for the cycle, which obviously means the cycle does not run. Sorry for the noise.

Well, but if the padding is indeed limited to 7 bytes the fix should be applied anyway.

Right, thats my understanding from reading of the RFC that the padding should be strictly < 8B. We can reword though.