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Outlook 2002 - Cleartext sent along with encrypted mail
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Related to Issue708: Using GPGol (0.9.91, 2006-10-13), MS Outlook 2002, WinXP
Pro SP2. When a plain text mail is composed, the text is not encrypted at all,
although the recipient's public key is imported and valid. Messages composed as
HTML get encrypted (the Sent Folder shows the message as GPG-encrypted), but the
delivered message comes as multipart/mixed: the original message text is
included both as plain text and HTML text, both unencrypted and the encrypted
message is attached to it as a file. I tried to find all possible switches and
options in Outlook to prevent it from sending the multipart/mixed contents, but
no success so far.

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Similar to T780 I guess.

Anyway, OL 2002 is not supported and might be the reason for this bug. You
should have noticed a message saying so.

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