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Decrypted text is not displayed - additional info > workaround
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Additional info for task ID 735 and 739:
(sorry for opening a new task, but I found no way to edit this tasks or to add a

The described problem depends on the position of the bars "standard" and
"extended" in the Mail-Window:

  • If standard is above extended, the decrypted text ist "stored" in the "Font

size" box as described in the referred tasks.

  • if extended is right to standard, everything works fine

hope this will help to find the code-bug.

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Wow! That's great. How did you find out the workaround.
Besides: on my machine the workaround only works if the extended bar is disabled.
If it's enabled it doesn't work no matter of ir's position relative to the
standard box.

werner claimed this task.