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Critical: Doesn't work - GPGol and Outlook 2003 SP2
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This outlook plugin has verious issues with Outlook 2003.

  1. Trying to encrypt and/or sign a text format message goes through the motion

but doesn't actually send a message that is encrypted or signed. The
workaround I've used is to actually save the draft before sending (File/Save).

  1. Trying to decrypt a message goes through the motions and doesn't actually

display a decrypted file. Apparently, this is because the message is in read-
only mode. If Edit/Edit Message menu item is selected, then the decrypted
results are correctly substituted in the message.

It would be nice to get this fix promptly because many people will be unable
to use the product as it is (although I notice that folks have been reporting
problems for over a year now and nothing has been done).



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Additional info: I'm running Outlook 2003 (Version 11.8118.8122) SP2

JohnA renamed this task from GPGol and Outlook 2003 SP2 to Critical: Doesn't work - GPGol and Outlook 2003 SP2.Mar 30 2007, 12:35 AM
  1. Trying to send an encrypted message with an attachment that is an Outlook

message itself, it refuses to do so saying this operation is unsupported.

  1. Decrypting messages that are signed with a GPG attachment signature will

not verify.

Installed the latest version of GPG4Win including gpgol 0.9.91. One other
problem was noticed. If I encrypt and sign or just encrypt a text message,
everything is ok. If I just sign a text message, the verification fails when
reading it. I noticed there was no blank line between the Hash: statement and
the first line of the message as there is on other PGP signed messages.
Manually adding a line to the signed message after it has been sent allows it
to verify correctly.

Hopefully the last comment T778 (JohnA on Jun 19 2007, 01:03 AM / Roundup) didn't get lost... it should be pretty easy
to verify whether there's a blank line in a signed text!

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Due to time constraints, the 0.9 series of GpgOL is no longer supported.
I am sorry for this inconvenience. Gpg4win/2 will soon be released featuring a
heavily rewritten GpgOL.