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Security architect for the Microchip FPGA business unit.

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Mon, Jan 27

grichardnewell added a comment to T4824: Encrypted file appears to not be encrypted by recipients public key.

Hi Andre,

  1. I am the sender, and can guarantee both correct keys were used. The same two keys do work in the Kleopatra clipboard tool (with recipient tool's email parser) , just not with standalone files (at least not with his file decryption be tool).
  1. It could be a user error on my part, but the Kleopatra GUI is showing both keys with check marks, so I have trouble imagining what I could do different.
  1. Recipient is not using Kleopatra, as noted in the original ticket. It is possible (and I suspect, likely) that the problem is an incompatibility between these two tools. If this is the case, then we need to find which tool is not following the standard, or perhaps the standard is ambiguous.
  1. Since filing the ticket I have discovered that if I (sender) use command line GPG (ugh!), the recipient can decrypt the file with his tool. This seems to point the finger towards Kleopatra as the more likely cause of the problem.
  1. There was a screenshot included in the original ticket showing very clearly the recipients tool doesn't recognize the presence of a second (i.e. recipient's) key.

I am attaching the screen shot from the recipient’s tool again, for your convenience.
I am also adding a screen shot of the my (i.e., sender’s) set-up in Kleopatra.

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I have difficutlty to accept that as an issue in our tracker. Somehow the GUI for Kleopatra appears to be confusing for your "Sender" which apparently is not you, correct? This results in the wrong keys selected for encryption.
With this amount of information I cannot see any path of change for our software.
Could you maybe provide a screenshot how the recipient selection looks for your user in Kleopatra, so that we can discover why it might be confusing or why the recipients key is not selected correctly?

I'm setting this issue as "Invalid" in the meantime. Not out of disrespect or so, only because I don't see how the information from this issue can currently lead to a change in our software. I can change the status later again.




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Jan 25 2020

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Jan 16 2018

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