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Eliminare denoting


Eliminare denoting


olfAuthored on Apr 16 2023, 2:59 AM
wernerCommitted on Apr 17 2023, 8:21 AM
rD6d0e1bb0b09f: swdb: Libgcrypt 1.10.2

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I wonder why github did not automatically closed this pull request - after all exact that patch was commited.

True, also because this works well when resolving a merge-conflict locally.

For example:

  1. Create a PR in the GH-webfrontend from feature branch ´xyz´ to ´master´.
  2. Realise that merge-conflict exists, which GH does not want to resolve in the GH-webfrontend.
  3. Do ´git clone …´, ´cd …´, ´git pull xyz´, Resolve the conflict, ´git add´, ´git merge´ (so everything in the PR is merged from ´xyz´ to ´master´), ´git push´.
  4. GitHub automatically marks the merge conflict as resolved, closes the PR and offers to delete the merged fature-branch.

I do not comprehend yet, what is significantly different here, when the commit from the original PR at GH reached GH again via mirroring in master´. I will try to take a closer look the next time.