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gpg: Use only OpenPGP public key algo ids and add the EdDSA algo id.

Authored by werner on Jan 30 2014, 6:48 PM.


gpg: Use only OpenPGP public key algo ids and add the EdDSA algo id.

* common/sexputil.c (get_pk_algo_from_canon_sexp): Change to return a
* g10/keygen.c (check_keygrip): Adjust for change.
* sm/certreqgen-ui.c (check_keygrip): Likewise.
* agent/pksign.c (do_encode_dsa): Remove bogus map_pk_openpgp_to_gcry.
* g10/misc.c (map_pk_openpgp_to_gcry): Remove.
(openpgp_pk_test_algo): Change to a wrapper for openpgp_pk_test_algo2.
(openpgp_pk_test_algo2): Rewrite.
(openpgp_pk_algo_usage, pubkey_nbits): Add support for EdDSA.
(openpgp_pk_algo_name): Rewrite to remove need for gcry calls.
(pubkey_get_npkey, pubkey_get_nskey): Ditto.
(pubkey_get_nsig, pubkey_get_nenc): Ditto.
* g10/keygen.c(do_create_from_keygrip):  Support EdDSA.
(common_gen, gen_ecc, ask_keysize, generate_keypair): Ditto.
* g10/build-packet.c (do_key): Ditto.
* g10/export.c (transfer_format_to_openpgp): Ditto.
* g10/getkey.c (cache_public_key): Ditto.
* g10/import.c (transfer_secret_keys): Ditto.
* g10/keylist.c (list_keyblock_print, list_keyblock_colon): Ditto.
* g10/mainproc.c (proc_pubkey_enc): Ditto.
* g10/parse-packet.c (parse_key): Ditto,
* g10/sign.c (hash_for, sign_file, make_keysig_packet): Ditto.
* g10/keyserver.c (print_keyrec): Use openpgp_pk_algo_name.
* g10/pkglue.c (pk_verify, pk_encrypt, pk_check_secret_key): Use only
OpenPGP algo ids and support EdDSA.
* g10/pubkey-enc.c (get_it): Use only OpenPGP algo ids.
* g10/seskey.c (encode_md_value): Ditto.

This patch separates Libgcrypt and OpenPGP public key algorithms ids
and in most cases completely removes the Libgcrypt ones. This is
useful because for Libgcrypt we specify the algorithm in the
S-expressions and the public key ids are not anymore needed.

This patch also adds some support for PUBKEY_ALGO_EDDSA which will
eventually be used instead of merging EdDSA with ECDSA. As of now an
experimental algorithm id is used but the plan is to write an I-D so
that we can get a new id from the IETF. Note that EdDSA (Ed25519)
does not yet work and that more changes are required.

The ECC support is still broken right now. Needs to be fixed.

  • Signed-off-by: Werner Koch <wk@gnupg.org>


wernerJan 30 2014, 6:48 PM
rGea8a1685f75d: gpg: Remove cipher.h and put algo ids into a common file.