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Add ctx flag for auto-key-locate

Authored by aheinecke on Jul 3 2018, 5:50 PM.


Add ctx flag for auto-key-locate

* src/context.h (gpgme_context): Add auto_key_locate.
* src/engine-gpg.c (engine_gpg): Add auto_key_locate.
(gpg_set_engine_flags, build_argv): Handle auto_key_locate.
(gpg_release): Free auto_key_locate.
* src/gpgme.c (gpgme_release): Free auto_key_locate.
(gpgme_get_ctx_flag, gpgme_set_ctx_flag): Handle auto-key-locate.
* doc/gpgme.texi: Document auto-key-locate flag.
* tests/run-keylist.c (show_usage, main): Add --from-wkd option.

This enables users of GPGME to control more fine grained what
auto-key-locate does. Especially for WKD lookups / refreshes
can this be useful.

Differential Revision: https://dev.gnupg.org/D463