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web: add wiki as explicit support link


web: add wiki as explicit support link


bernhardAuthored on Oct 4 2019, 5:51 PM
rW20299051d01e: web: removing duplicated section of NEWS.last

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Please revert the change (DE & EN) "Bug Tracker" to "Tracker" back to "Bug Tracker" or (a bit less specific) "Issue Tracker" :

  • This statement does not make much sense when omitting what is actually tracked.
  • People are looking for a link to a "bug tracker" / "issue tracker" when intending to report a bug.

Furthermore, IMO its link should point to the appropriate target:

Side notes:

  • Bugs do not disappear by not calling them "bugs", still the "softer" and more general term "issues" may be more appropriate.
  • It is a bit disappointing to see this change has been carried out "stealthily", as it was submitted together with another, bigger change and only that other change is mentioned in the change log, OTOH this was a rather minor change.
  • Still I fail to comprehend "why" rsp. "what for".

I don't think that pointing to the bug entry form is a good idea: It will make it easier to enter a bug without first checking whether this bug has already been entered. I agree with the other comments.

Changed to Issue Tracker with 1d89f93b037d0f7cd084dbc7873f73134a8e1f1a.
@olf thanks for the hint.


The change was made because the word "bug" does not make a difference between a defect, a failure, a problem or a wish.
Many people assume a mistake of the software engineers, which may come in the way of creating a better software,
this is why using "issue" is suggest by Andreas Zeller in his good book http://www.whyprogramsfail.com/toc.php (see first chapter).

In general people don't read on websites they scan, this is why words should be left out if possible in "micro contents":
It is true that "tracker" is not specific enough though.