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core: Don't split gpgconf strings on comma

Authored by aheinecke on Apr 5 2017, 5:05 PM.


  • src/engine-gpgconf.c (gpgconf_parse_option): Don't split strings on comma.

    -- This only affects values where the main type is string. Values with the alt_type string but another main type are still split to keep lists (e.g. groups) working.
Test Plan

Checked with t-gpgconf that a group value is still a list and the default_pubkey_algo is ok

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Changing gpg or gpgconf is wrong. A string list is indicated by flag value 2 which is not set for that option and thus we do not have a string list.

There might be a bug in gpgme, though.

Update diff with arcanist

Maybe this fixes that no context is shown in the diff

Still wrong package. You need to address this in gpgme/src/engine-gpgconf.c.
Minor correction: the value of the flag is 1^2.

werner edited projects, added gpgme; removed gnupg.

I guess I should do this.

This revision now requires changes to proceed.Apr 5 2017, 5:45 PM
aheinecke edited edge metadata.

Patch now fixes the problem in gpgme

aheinecke retitled this revision from gpg: Escape commas in default_pubkey_algo to core: Don't split gpgconf strings on comma.Apr 5 2017, 6:40 PM
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Ping. Is this patch ok? I'm pretty sure it is and I've included it in Gpg4win but before I can push the default_pubkey_algo respecting change to Kleopatra I need this to work in GPGME.

I've accidentally pushed this commit. But I'm very sure it's Ok anyway and pretty trivial. And it's been over a month to object. I really need this patch to get keygen working with default_pubkey_algo in kleopatra. It was also included in the last gpg4win betas.