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gpg: Fall back on keyid for --auto-key-retrieve.
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Authored by djpohly on Oct 25 2019, 6:17 PM.



Retrieval by keyid was removed in commit 96bf8f477805, which breaks --auto-key-retrieve for signatures which have no fingerprint field. There are projects which still use these for code authenticity checks (see test plan). This patch restores the keyid as a last-resort fallback only, in case none of the other methods for automatic lookup is available.

Test Plan

The patch was tested using two examples which I've run across recently:

Without the patch, gpg --auto-key-retrieve --verify $sigfile fails with "No public key." With the patch, the same command retrieves the public key used for the signature and successfully verifies it.

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Adding werner to reviewers since this references his commit.

auto key retrieve using just the key id is dangerous because it can lead to a DoS. It is too easy to flood keyservers with several keys have the same keyid. Let's don't give an incentive to the script kiddies trying to pull down the OpenPGP keyservers.