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Yet another place with deprecated API


Yet another place with deprecated API


einar77Authored on Jun 20 2021, 10:36 AM
Differential Revision
D440: gtk: Disable tooltips in keyboard-grabbing mode.
rKLEOPATRAc498da690d9b: Fix build with deprecated API disabled

Event Timeline

Fred23 added edges: D533: i18n update, D532: Update translation, D530: gpgme: Add support for trust signatures to key list result, D529: po: Update Simplified Chinese Translation., D528: po: Update Simplified Chinese Translation., D527: po: Update Simplified Chinese Translation., D523: Change GNU License notice HTTP links to HTTPs, D524: change HTTP links to HTTTPs, D525: doc: Fix swapped constants, D526: GpgOL: update po/zh_CN.po, D517: po: Update traditional Chinese translation po/zh_TW.po, D518: po: Update Simplified Chinese translation po/zh_CN.po, D519: Gpg4win update translation po/zh_CN.po and add doc/README.zh.txt, D516: po: Update simplified Chinese translation po/zh_CN.po, D515: update gnupg doc/help.zh_TW.txt, D520: gnupg po: Fix Simplified Chinese Translation, D511: Include <ctime> rather than <sys/time.h> in gpgmepp, D512: Adds Microsoft Edge (Chromium) browser support, D513: Support macOS build with SIP by using posix_spawn in tests/random, D514: update gnupg doc/help.zh_CN.txt, D510: Connection to gpg-agent/dirmngr/etc., D503: fix undefined-shift in block_filter, D504: ECC change for Ed448, D505: Ed448 support for GnuPG, D506: build: Make configure.ac for lock-obj-pub.native.h ideomatic, D507: core: Add gpgme_op_set_expire, D508: Close unused fd, D502: ECC change for SOS, D501: VPMSUMD accelleration for GCM mode on PPC, D498: T4819 - Replace restoreGeometry() by Size saving, D499: Add .arcconfig, D500: Add Ukrainian localization to installer, D494: rijndael/ppc: re-implement single-block mode, and implement OCB block cipher, D495: gpg: Fall back on keyid for --auto-key-retrieve., D497: Set vZZ.16b register to zero before use in armv8 gcm implementation, D488: gpg: add the --delete-secret-key-stubs command, D489: po: add portuguese translation for the new command, D490: PowerPC optimized routines for AES and SHA2 using PowerISA 2.07 instructions., D491: Support for PowerPC's AES acceleration., D492: Add PowerPC crypto acceleration support for SHA2., D487: gpg: don't delete any keys if --dry-run is passed, D481: gpg: confirm deletion of each key individually, D480: gpg: factor out secret key deletion function, D482: gpg: confirm again before deleting primary key, D483: po: add portuguese primary key deletion message, D484: Always use maintainer-mode compile flags, D485: gpg: add the --delete-secret-subkeys command, D479: gpg: avoid deletion of keys not specified by user, D475: Fix addition of new GPG keys to LDAP, D476: [libgcrypt] NetBSD support explicit_memset, D477: Add support for explicit_memset, D478: Makefile: Disallow undefined symbols in libgpg-error., Restricted Differential Revision, D472: Limit active connections for gpg-agent, D473: Introducing LDADD_FOR_TESTS_KLUDGE to enable 'make check' with LD_LIBRARY_PATH, D474: doc: Fix typo, D465: Fix uninitialized access to valutable_buffer, D466: core: Add trust-model flag, D467: Enable dynamically defining pkg_config_libdir for multiarch, D468: dirmngr: Read CRLs into memory on Windows, D469: dirmngr: Add FLUSHCRLs command, D470: Use intptr_t for file/pid handle on Windows, D449: [PATCH] sm3: implement SM3 hash algorithm, D450: clock_gettime if CLOCK_THREAD_CPUTIME_ID is available., D451: agent: Fix S2K calibration., D452: Build: FreeBSD make, D453: doc: expand PROGRESS documentation, fix some typos, D454: assuan_close with nPth, D448: Partial update of French translation, D434: tests: Allow generating coverage info., D435: systemd-user: Add service file to create the socketdir, D436: build: Allow to override build date in man page, D437: Compare squares instead of square roots., D438: rsa: Add exponent blinding., D439: Add missing fd support to ksba_reader_t., D440: gtk: Disable tooltips in keyboard-grabbing mode..Jun 20 2021, 6:08 PM
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