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request: smartcard stub keys with multiple serial numbers
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at the current state it seems to be impossible to use the same private (sub)key
on multiple smart cards as the created stub is bound to the serial number of the
smart card.

A workaround for the moment is to delete the according private stub every time I
change smart card or change from smart card to yubi key but this would make a
great feature.

Also, deleting a secret key stub from gnupg using " gpg2 --delete-secret-key"
does NOT remove the stub from gpg-agent - the according file in
~/.gnupg/private-keys-v1.d/ has to be deleted manually.

Should I file a second bug report/feature request for that?



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This won't be fixed for 2.0 but I will consider to do something about it in one
of the next 2.1 releases.

No, you do not need a second bug for --delete-secret-key.

I'm an active user of multiple smart cards and would like to see key stubs bound to multiple serial numbers at the same time. I took a look at the agent code and could try to prepare a patch that realizes this by allowing a list of serial numbers as a new shadowkeyinfo field. Would this be a welcome addition or would it possibly break things?

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Thanks for suggestion. I'm sorry that I haven't caught this report. Now, it's assigned to me.
This is merged to T2291: Smartcard interaction improvement (was: Shadowed private key design (for smartcard)).