Smartcard interaction improvement (was: Shadowed private key design (for smartcard))
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Shadowed key includes serial number of the smartcard, so that GnuPG can ask a
user about the specific card when signature/decryption will be asked (but not
yet the card is ready).

This is better to improve. (1) some people have a practice to put same private
key on multiple smartcards (say, for backup). (2) a user wants to migrate to
new card/token. (3) Most users don't care/know about serial number of smartcard
which is recorded in the shadowed key.

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I have two ideas on how to imrpove this:

  1. If an appropriate card is plugged in we could try to use it. This is similar to what we do in command-ssh.c
  1. Rework the private key file format to allow adding several serial numbers for one card. This rework needs to be done anyway for another features (OpenSSH certifcactes)
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Yes, there are two things to implement; How gpg frontend use gpg-agent (1 in Werner's comment), and new shadowed key format support (2 in Werner's comment).

Considering again, I think that (2) is not that important. So, I am changing the title of this ticket. For this, it can be also done not using new private key format, but just only extend the shadowed information format. Now, it's "t1-v1". We can also support another format, say, "t1-v2".

The real part is (1), which requires changes in gpg. I think that this is somehow also needed in case of better support of encrypted data to anonymous.

In case of SSH, SSH asks gpg-agent for available card(s), and then, asks signing with a specific key on the card.

On the other hand, currently, gpg asks gpg-agent for signing/encryption with no information if the corresponding card is available now or not. It is gpg-agent which asks a user to insert matching card if not available.

This interaction should be changed; gpg should know current cards available, by asking gpg-agent, beforehand. And then, gpg should ask signing/decryption using the card. (It is still gpg-agent which asks a user to authenticate the card.)

It will be gpg for inserting card.

That's my thought, now. How about implementing this in GnupG 2.1?

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litmus test will be :

  1. if "openpgp applet" were able to encrypt/sign using main token first then do the same with backup token containing same subkeys.
  2. on a new computer how to teach gpg that all these tokens with different serial numbers are the same? do we need to teach first before we use a backup key? or gpg will learn this on first encountering of backup key?
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While T1983: gpg2 prefers missing secret key to available key on card for singing is in progress, change of T3119: gpg: Improve public key decryption is needed for decryption.

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