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GpgOL: Problem decrypting inline image
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When i receive an pgp encrypted email message in Outlook 2013 which has an
pasted image from clipboard inserted, GpgOL can not succesfully decrypt this
message. It will say it is decrypted and every text, etc is indeed encrypted,
but the pasted images are not dispayed. Instead an image block with the text
"The linked image cannot be displayed. The file has been moved, renamed, or
deleted." is displayed. When i read the message in the webbased mailbox (which
also supports pgp) it is displayed correctly.



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I just tried with latest gpgol (beta 204) and it now seems to work. So bug is
solved already! :)

Yes, We fixed that. Sorry I didn't see your bugreport then.

Btw. You can also send such E-Mails encrypted with GpgOL nowadays :-)

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