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nPth often needs -lpthread but does not detect this
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Nelson Beebe reported on gnupg-devel:

I did, however, build and install npth-1.3 everywhere, replacing
earlier 1.1 versions on the lab systems. That, at least, went
smoothly, except that for most BSD-family systems, I had to manually
restart the builds with

make LIBS=-lpthread all check

because the npth-1.3 configure script apparently did not figure out
that -lpthread was needed on those systems.

Event Timeline

In T2998, NetBSD was fixed.
I'll check for DragonFlyBSD.
IIUC, FreeBSD and OpenBSD has no issue.

Fixed in the repo for DragonFlyBSD 4.8 too.

I found that FreeBSD also requires -lpthread thing. I also commit the change to the repo.
Tested with FreeBSD 11.0.
I think that TrueOS can be considered as FreeBSD variant.

Fixed in npth 1.4.