nPth often needs -lpthread but does not detect this
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Nelson Beebe reported on gnupg-devel:

I did, however, build and install npth-1.3 everywhere, replacing
earlier 1.1 versions on the lab systems. That, at least, went
smoothly, except that for most BSD-family systems, I had to manually
restart the builds with

make LIBS=-lpthread all check

because the npth-1.3 configure script apparently did not figure out
that -lpthread was needed on those systems.

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Could you please look at ?

gniibe added a comment.Apr 5 2017, 5:21 AM

In T2998, NetBSD was fixed.
I'll check for DragonFlyBSD.
IIUC, FreeBSD and OpenBSD has no issue.

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Fixed in the repo for DragonFlyBSD 4.8 too.

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I found that FreeBSD also requires -lpthread thing. I also commit the change to the repo.
Tested with FreeBSD 11.0.
I think that TrueOS can be considered as FreeBSD variant.

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Fixed in npth 1.4.