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GpgOL: Encrypt is selected on Reply/Forward
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When replying or forwarding an encrypted mail, the Encrypt button is selected by
default, which is very annoying in my use case. I let my provider encrypt every
incoming mail by default with my own public key (for secure/encrypted online
mailbox), but when replying or forwarding such mail, it should not be encrypted,
as receiver doesn’t have encryption possibilities. To unselect this every time I
reply or forward is not handy, is it possible to make an selection which
controls this behavior ("encrypt mail by default" option is not selected)?
Tested it on Android with K9 and Openkeychain, whereas this works as desired…



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Thanks for feedback on the beta!

This was actually a feature request and I consider this a feature. Because it's
a security usability problem if someone replies to an encrypted mail in plain
text with a full quote of the originally encrypted mail. KMail for example does
the same preselection.

But I see your usecase. I'll make it optional (a config setting) but the default
will be "enabled".

Thank you for making this an optional setting! Any idea in what release this
will be planned?

I've added the option. It's in the latest beta (251) from
A beta installer containing this version will be published likely this or next week.

We are aiming for a stable release middle of march.

Oops wrong, 251 did not yet have it, 253 will have it. Forgot to push the change.

Great, thanks!

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Oops wrong, 251 did not yet have it, 253 will have it. Forgot to push
the change.

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