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Installing Gpg4win as another user
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We want to use gpg4win inside a bigger network with PCs.The users in general
didn't have admin privileges. Only some persons have a user account with admin
privileges not an admin account at the local maschine.

and now the problem.

After download the full version we tried to install it with right klick and
choose execute as administrator. This doesn't work. There was no information
about how to install it.

It only works if you choose execute it as another user (with admin privileges).

I should be needful to inform the user that the first way wasn't the right one.
and not only crash.



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Thanks for your report. Indeed it should work as you described and we have code
in the installer to print a non admin warning. If this is not shown then it is a

On a related note: I have on my TODO list to enable "Single User" installation
in case a user tries to install Gpg4win without admin rights, because with the
modern gnupg versions we don't need admin rights anymore. Would this also have
solved your problem but or do you specifically want to have Gpg4win installed

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Installation of Gpg4win is now possible without Administrator rights. GpgEX does not handle it yet but this is another issue. GpgOL / Kleo / GPA and GnuPG work. Including file extension handling.