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Umlaut is not correctly displayed, when there is an error during crl-import in Kleopatra
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Steps to reproduce:

Take the latest gpg4win-beta build.
Download CRL list (e.g.
Open Kleopatra
Change lange to german
Choose Extras > Import CRL from File
Navigate to File and Import
Notice the missing "ü" in "Ungltiges"

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We have seen this today also in another Kleoptra warning box. The text was not
localized but the error description (from gpg-error) had a broken Umlaut.

Yeah I broke that by fixing GnuPG to output Console Encoding. Kleo uses Qt
::fromLocal8Bit which expects the GUI CP.

Messy stuff, need to figure out how to get the ACP through Qt or the QT Name of
the console codepage for conversion. This not only here but everywhere where
Kleo shows GnuPG's console output. There are also some bugs about this at