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Make main campaign video
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See E9.

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@marcus brings two good LED flat pars, and asks the hackerspace to borrow the lavalier mic and radio transmitter/receiver. He also brings his zoom as backup.

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Great that we have the video finished. Some minor corrections are required, though:

  • The last scene displaying "donate to gnupg" needs to be longer than a single second. 5 seconds seems to me a good compromise.
  • The credit are too much in the foreground. Maybe simply cut them out and have them as subtitles of the last scene. Or show them only for a second and make them smaller.
  • The nwalfield does not belong into the copyright notice. This is a g10 Code GmbH "production". Make it tiny.

My understanding is that the "donate to gnupg" at the end is meant for the "still" screen at the end of the video after the video stopped playing. There is another "donate to gnupg" message *before* the credits that is 8 seconds long.

How about having the "donate to gnupg" message prominent all the way from the first time it appears to the very end (that would be about 25 seconds), and have the credits fade in and out smaller at the bottom below the sticky "donate to gnupg" message?

Also, we want to use youtube annotations to provide a clickable link to the donation page. That annotation could appear at different times altogether (not sure what's a good way to do this).