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Add Gpg4win/bin to PATH Environment Varible
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Currently only the

C:\Program Files (x86)\Gpg4win\..\GnuPG\bin

directory is added to the Windows Environment Path variable. But there are also useful binarys (e.g. checksum checking), in the Gpg4win/bin folder. So it would be useful to add

C:\Program Files (x86)\Gpg4win\..\Gpg4win\bin

as well.

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Why should that be useful? It will only run us into lot of problems.

In what kind of problem should we run by adding it to the path?

DLL hell. There are no command line tools and thus tehre is no need to put them into PATH. Well, except for the shasums - if that is really required, put them into a different directory but that needs to synced with Kleopatras use.

Also a too long PATH is troublesome.

Regarding shasums; you can also use

gpg --print-mds  FILES
gpg --print-md ALGO FILES

It can't do a verify, though.

JochenSaalfeld claimed this task.

With that in place, I think there is no need to add them to the PATH.