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Add sha224sum.exe / sha384sum.exe / sha512sum.exe to Gpg4win installation
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A user asked if it was possible to add more checksum generators to the Gpg4win installation and to add them to the Windows Path (T3457). This would enable more users to check the integrity of files easily, without downloading additional Software.

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gpg --print-mds  FILES
gpg --print-md ALGO FILES

in place, files could be verified. However, in GpgEx we provide a right-click solution for checksums. It could be interesting to add the mentioned checksum calculators to the option-list.

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aheinecke added a subscriber: aheinecke.

In Kleopatra this should be possible through the Checksum definition config without any code changes. I'll look into it.

Not possible to replace it through config as we can't "check" like with sha1sum and the format differs.

Just to be clear I think this issue is valid and we should add more checksum tools in the future. But I would want them to use libgcrypt and confirm to the standard *sum command line arguments like -c.

Note that there is no standard for this. In particular the encoding of filenames with special characters are different in almost all implementations. I tried to find a common ground for our implementation.

By standard I mean "behaves" somewhat like coreutils. Filename encoding,.. meh I see that this could be a problem.

I'd like to work on this, some gcrypt stuff would be interesting and with the gpg4win-tools repo I have a nice place for the tools.