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GPA fails in the keylisting wth "Object too short"
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I installed a fresh versions of 3.0 on a brand new windows 10 computer. When opening GPA, it gives this error: "The GPGME library returned an unexpected error at keytable.c:150. The Error was: Provided object is too short." and "GnuPG is rebuilding the trust database."

It doesn't resolve and I can't import or create a key.



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This is verly likely be fixed with commit 5ecef193bc2144e6d51a6bd5727bfd08a0d28b66 which will be released with the next gpg4win version.

Thank you Werner. Do you know when the next release will be? Is there a way for me to temporarily fix the current version in the code?

gpa --disable-x509

Should avoid the problem. Then import or create n OpenPGp key first and the next time you should(tm) not be bnotered by the bug.

We are currently preparing a new gpg4win release. Not sure whether it will be ready today, though.

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@simypat, version 3.0.1 just hitted. I can't recreate this error anymore. Can you verify this?

we uninstalled the old version, restarted, installed the new 3.01, and it still does the error

@simypat Please try to move away GnuPG's data directory ( %APPDATA%\gnupg ) and start GPA again. That should fix it as the problem was a corruption of an internal database that lives in the Home directory (and is not removed when uninstalling).

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Please reopen or comment if that problem still happens if you move away the gnupg home directory.

I feel dumb for asking this, but I'm a Mac guy, and my client is on Windows 10. How do I exactly "move away the data directory"?

You start Windows Explorer (the file manager thingy)

In the Address bar of the Windows Explorer you enter %APPDATA% and hit enter. It will then show the location of Application Data for your user.

In that directory there is a folder named "gnupg" right click it and select "rename". Rename it to something like "old_gnupg" or whatever. Afterwards you can start Kleopatra or GPA or GnuPG on the command line and will have a "fresh start".