Lost focus on Outlook after sending gpg mail
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If I send a encrypted and signed e-mail out of outlook, i got the dialog for selecting Cert and enter my key, then the mail gots sent.
But then the focus does not return to outlook, it returns to the last open window, I used before outlook.
Is it possibe to fix that?


Win 10 Enterpise, Office 365 Pro Plus

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Hopefully :-)

I've noticed that myself and the cause for this is the code which we use to ensure that the key resolution dialog of Kleopatra opens in the foreground.

Should work with the current beta: https://files.gpg4win.org/Beta/gpg4win-3.1.0-beta-current.exe Although the window mangement is still a bit "iffy" but we at least switch back the focus.

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Hi @aheinecke
I Can confirm, its working for me fine now.

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