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GpgOL: Forwarding crypto mails with attachments does not work
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If a crypto mail has an attachment, forwarding it in Outlook does not work. A click on the forward button will just do nothing. Selecting to forward the mail as an attachment will result in an error message that the mail needs to be saved first.

The problem is that Outlook tries to write the mail, which we block to avoid a plaintext write. This then aborts the forwarding, too.

So far I have not seen a way to find out if the write comes from a forward or not.

Prio High as we at least need some kind of workaround for this Problem.



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Kind of makes forwarding work. But it has a huge regression risk problem and unwanted side effects like leaking plaintext when mails are copied or flags are changed. Not a very good solution. Somehow we must allow the plaintext write when forwarding so that the forward composer uses the decrypted mail but then restore the old, encrypted mail to avoid that this mail also stores as plaintext on the server.

So I implemented a way to forward mails with attachments. TODO here:

  • Fix forward of crypto mails without attachments. Currently they include the encrypted source message as an attachment.
  • Improve code a bit. Most notably remove the need to keep the parser around as that object is quite large and should be removed early. We could just cache the body / html_body.

Works now with and without attachment and with encryption / without encryption (formerly without encryption it would add the original crypo message as attachments).

What does not work is forwarding crypto mails as attachments. We can't really support that. For this problem we have T2854