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GpgOL: Mail forwarded as attachment not decrypted
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A mail forwarded as attachment by another MUA (e.g. KMail) is not decrypted by
gpgol. Either if it is opened or if it is previewed.

See attached screenshot how it looks.



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Emanuel please add release gpg4win 3.0 as a parent task if you think we should fix this before 3.0. I'm unsure.

I looked into it. The problem is that attachments are opened as "Read Only" so we can't change the message class or handle it ourself. Once opened there is no apparent way to change the message to read only. Only if the message containing the attachment is marked as modifyable:

The attachment is opened as read/write. In that case we can decrypt it.

I currently don't have an idea how to change the behavior here. Maybe saving the mail to a file and then opening that file with outlook would work. But that would be a bit invasive.